We Are a Company with more than 15 years of experience in the medical rent service field.

In July 2001 CAP ORTOMEDICA was created with the target to provide the service of arthroscopy equipment rent in the Mexico western side, making it one of the first company on this field in the country.

CAP ORTOMEDICA was born as a medical equipment rental company, but with the pass of the time, it got expanded to another fields.

The company extend their service product catalogue and release to the market, the magnetotherapy , podiatry (Hallux Valgus) equipments, and orthosis products and more.

Siendo una empresa en la constante búsqueda de mejoras, CAP ORTOMEDICA crea el primer taller de reparación y mantenimiento de equipo médico en Guadalajara y uno de los más completos en el país; abasteciendo así las necesidades propias y prestando un servicio de alta calidad.

Being a company in continuous growth, CAP ORTOMEDICA creates the first service and maintenance station of medical equipment in Guadalajara and one of the most complete in the country, providing the propper high quality needs to the customer.

Nowdays, CAP ORTOMEDICA is conformed by a group of professionals that have on target, the research of new innovation models of medical service leasing. That way they will always provide a personalized solution.

We provide the service to more than 50 Orthopedist in Guadalajara and Mexico western side.